Getting Started

sign to beckton alps - photo by Squib+pigCoaching is a process that lets you take a step back from your life and Life Coaching simply tells us what the focus of the coaching will be.

We understand that you may not be sure HOW coaching could help you.

People choose coaching for many different reasons, here are some examples;

♦  Improving your skills

♦  Managing your time

♦  Being healthier

♦  Making the most of your money

♦  Simply being happier

♦  Getting motivated

♦  Building your confidence

♦  Losing  weight

♦  Starting up a club or community group

♦  Support for a one-off project

♦  Thinking about a career change

♦  Improving leadership skills

♦  Running a business

♦  Speaking up for yourself

♦  Moving on from unemployment

There is really no limit to the areas of your life that can be improved through coaching BUT it is important to remember a few other things as well.


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