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Understanding our values

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  1. Our values create the frame of how we think about others and ourselves. They are the standards against which we measure our feelings and behaviours and the behaviours of others.
  2. If we make our decisions based on our values, we are more likely to follow through on our commitments.
  3. If the decisions that we make are in conflict to our values it is more likely that we will not follow through on our commitments . . .  in short we may procrastinate.
  4. It is important that we aim to ensure that at least two or three of our values have been considered when we make important decisions.
  5. When our values are in conflict with our choices or other people, we can feel stressed, anxious, frustrated, angry or even depressed.
  6. Our values maybe the same year in and year out although it is not uncommon for some of our values to become more important during different phases of our lives.

Where are you . . .

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Personal Reflections

Where are you in relation to where you want to be?
What is your sense of where you are being drawn to? Do you hear something? What qualities have you yet to step into?  What do you see that you did not see before?

Take some time and think about what’s new in your life that really excites you.

What is this telling you about where you are heading or where you are today?

Be Patient. The answer will arrive as soon as you relax into it!

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