Coaching is not. . .

mind the gap by Pete Gardner therapy, no-one will ask you personal or intrusive questions about your past.

Coaching is not counselling, no-one will tell you why you do what you do or how to lead your life.

Coaching is not mentoring, no-one will advise you of what you should be doing to make yourself better and a success.

Coaching is not consulting, no-one will expertly observe you, assess your performance and tell you what you must do next.

Coaching IS a process with YOU at the centre as the EXPERT of your own life, with the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to KNOW what is and is not BEST for you.

Coaching IS about a working PARTNERSHIP between you and your chosen COACH, an equal partnership.

Working with a Coach WILL allow you the time and space to STOP long enough to figure out what it is you REALLY want and provide you with the SUPPORT that you SAY you want as you take the steps TOWARDS your chosen destination.


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