Lyn Juniper

I had preconceived ideas about life coaching.   I have always felt I was a confident assertive woman with a fairly normal life, and thought that it would be unrealistic that a  stranger could tell me why I was feeling unhappy and frustrated.

What I found was a supportive listener, who could point me in the right direction to breakdown the individual parts of my life using some visual tools and questions, to help me prioritise the areas I was happy with, and those that I would like to improve.  It was this that enabled me to see the wood for the trees, and to start to drill down to the route cause of my frustrations in order to build a plan as to how I could change those aspects of my life.

I was surprised to find that the changes that have made the most difference so far are those that I hadn’t even considered were part of the problem before coaching.  The knock on effect of dealing with these areas as a priority have cleared the path for me to get my life back on track, and I shall use these techniques to continue on the positive route I feel I’m now on.
Lyn Juniper ~ Business Process Manager


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