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Getting Your Feet Wet!

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As I write this I am amazed to be still basking in the sunshine of what is turning out to be a glorious summers day.  But there’s a part of me that is a little hesitant to make plans just in case it rains after all this is the British weather we’re talking about and everyone knows the weather men get it wrong ALL of the time. . . don’t they!

Being willing to take risks is something I’ve become quite good at; brave, courageous, inspirational are words I’ve heard others use to describe some of the things that I’ve chosen to do. . . and it hasn’t always been like this!

Can you imagine constructing a wall so high and so thick that no one can get in?  Have you ever felt so scared you couldn’t even think of coming out from under the duvet much less leaving your room or going out of the house?

Everything I said and did was about getting by, making do and keeping safe!  So much so that I hadn’t even noticed that I had withdrawn from the world.  I’d made myself invisible and the world was invisible to me except if I wanted something!  Then I’d go out to get it and retreat! So what changed?

I did or more importantly my relationship with myself changed.  I became aware that I have an impact on people.  I became aware that my walls impacted on other peoples walls.  I became aware that my ability to get to know people impacted on their ability to want to get to know me.  I became aware that my willingness to risk being seen by people impacted on their ability to see me.

And there are many many people who had a hand in that transformation.  People who simply accepted that I was where I was and shone a light for me to follow out of the darkness.  They believed that no matter how long it took that I would find my way.  I took a risk and dipped my toes into the water, and felt the ripples of acceptance return.  The rest as they say is history!

We all know that there will be hard times as well as good times in our life, and even though you might be worrying about it remember that there is always always a way out.  Life is simply a series of impacts or connections.  Connections that we make with people on a daily basis.  How memorable these connections will be is up to us.

Being willing to make new connections is a risk.  Taking risks is a choice you make to trust that you will be o.k.  Are you ready to get your feet wet?

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There are risks. . .

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“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction”. John F. Kennedy

How Coaching Works

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A four-minute animated movie by Coach Meg & Wellcoaches that shows how the coaching process works. (please note e-Six is not associated with Coach Meg & Wellcoaches)

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