Sandra Kacinskaite

I am very grateful to my personal life coach. She was very committed, very honest, sincere. Just grateful that I met her, had opportunity to work with her, be inspired by her.

I had ideas of my own about how to achieve my goals and my life coach with her advice confirmed that those in fact were the right ideas.  She pushed me a little bit further, made me to come out of my shell, comfort zone just a little bit more.

I think without a life coaching I would not have done the things I’ve done, the things I wanted to do. Thanks for “pushing me”.

We used goal setting techniques every week.  I must admit, I’ve achieved almost all of them and I’m very proud of myself.  I am more confident now than ever that I`ll achieve my goals.

Thank you again. Wishing you all good luck!

Sandra K, November 2011


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