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Running or Walking?

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flip_timeIt is now four weeks since Christmas Day and 28 days into the New Year.  And I am already beginning to panic that I’ll get to the end of another year without having achieved anything and by anything I do mean that illusionary ‘everything’ that I should have done.  It’s as if already the time has ticked away.  I can almost hear the chimes of Big Ben and I just know I better get on it or else.

So the question arises do I run or do I walk?  Obviously running will get me there quicker and as in my mind I am a Runner logically running it is.  But if I take a moment to consider the benefits as opposed to the disadvantages of walking I can already feel the calmness come over me.

Time is only relative.  A man made construct designed to give us a sense of where we are in relation to others in the same place.  It still blows my mind when I speak to friends living in New Zealand or Australia who are already in my tomorrow, very strange, very strange indeed.

The truth is I have over 300 days left in 2014 to achieve what I want to achieve and whether I choose to run in a blind panic out of fear of missing ‘it’ or walk purposefully in the direction I want to be heading  it is my choice to make, my dream to dream, and my life to create.

What will you create in 2014?

Happy New Year to you.


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