Beckton Gasworks Pier No.1 by squib_pig

As I write this, we have recently gone through weeks of snow and unusually cold weather. I cannot remember the last time I’ve seen as much of the white stuff.

We’ve now started to return to the warmer and wetter weather we are used to, the big thaw is underway and even though a rational observer would acknowledge that we officially have at least another 10 weeks of winter and the possibility of many more cold days and night, the birds around my home have decided to declare it an early spring. The trees are alive with the calls of robins and other birds preparing for their mating season.

I have to admit I love their spirit. I love the way they shake off the trials of yesterday and at the slightest sign of warming get back to living their life, doing what they were meant to do in the world. I love the confidence they have in life.

And there are people just like that, people who simply choose to live their lives having the confidence to believe that no matter what happens they can handle it, and it will all work out just fine.

We all know that there will be more winter days ahead in your life and business, and even though you might be worrying about the colder days to come, take a leaf from the robins’ book.  Life is short; don’t wait any longer to create more of what you want.

Do more of what you love and are called to do. Laugh more, dance more. Get a dream that inspires you and most importantly surround yourself with the support to get you there.

Confidence is a choice to trust that you will be o.k. each and every step of the way, whatever path you choose to take, life has a plan for you.

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