Lorna Strachan Testimonial

This is a testimonial to the success of the e-Six project

This project has helped me change my life around and has enabled me to be able to move on with things in a positive manner after seeing that it was me that had put up barriers for most of my life.

When I started with the programme I was unemployed.  I am now employed in the space of about a month I think from my first session with a life coach, just me getting the job was a shock to me as things started to happen fast after I had my sessions .

Since starting the programme and having someone to talk to about what I wanted in my life, my life has started to take a turn for the better with me having a new increased confidence.

It has also shown me the importance of goal setting and working towards that goal sincerely as I have always procrastinated in everything that I use to do which resulted in unfinished projects and wasted time etc.

This programme is excellent and I can  already see that it can make a huge difference to people lives’ if they can just take the first step and get in touch.

I had seen the ad various times displayed in my local area, a leaflet even came through my front door after seeing it again and again I decided to get in contact.

This first initial first contact has opened many doors for me in my life as I now see myself as a totally different person who can achieve anything if I am willing to put effort and determination into it.

I also feel that such a project could help with the long-term  unemployed due to the fact that it focuses on the person and what they want and you have the added confidence of knowing that you have someone who is listening to you and not being judgemental about your aspirations etc, no matter how insignificant it may seem to others.

I would just like to thank you for letting this project go ahead and to thank you for what I have personally received from this project along with the professionalism of the life coach who I enjoy meeting at our  sessions.

Lorna Strachan, May 2010

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